April 5, 2013

Please Vote For Us!

Happy pony.
I will sum up today with this: I rode my formerly neurotic pony through a crowd of spectators, exhibitors and horses on the way to get to the ring and no one died!  He's been great, clearly green to riding past bleachers full of people, but improved from the beginning to the end.  I am so happy with him!

Now I need your help.  The voting for favorite breed at the Hoosier Horse Fair is taking place online this year, and the winning entry wins a brand new Eclipse Horse Trailer.  If the Heartland Welsh Club wins (all five ponies are one entry), we're planning on raffling it off in a club fundraiser.  So if you could, please take a moment and vote for the Welsh at this link: http://www.hoosierhorsefair.org/breed-pageant-contest/.  We are entry #21, which is a photo of our Section B over fences.  Thank you so much!

From L to R: Half-Welsh (driving), Sec D. Welsh Cob (Dressage), Sec C. (in-hand), Sec. B (Hunter), Sec. A (Western)

Connor and Hodie, (Sec. A).  Hodie's rider is an equine major from my alma mater who volunteered to help us show him.

What Connor spent the second half of the day doing.  Exhausted, but content.


  1. Aw sleepy Connor. Off to vote.

  2. You two look great! The bridle and saddle pad look good- yay!

  3. Thank you SO much for voting! Heidi, I meant to give you a shout out and forgot. With my full cheek, I didn't need to punch a single hole in it, fits and looks great. The pad looks really good too, plays off the piping in my jacket. I really can't thank you enough!

  4. Voted!

    You and Conner look great! Love the snoozy pony. (that Hodie is a looker too) :D

  5. Voted! Conner is SUCH a handsome boy! You guys look great together.

  6. Saw this too late to vote, but I hope you guys had a great time at the fair!

  7. Sorry I was too late to vote :-(
    Best of luck. Connor looks amazing, sounds like you had the Best time