April 23, 2013

The Partnership Rush

Some people like jumping for the adrenaline rush.  My friend Mary is one of those.  I'm not, and I've never really understood why I like jumping until tonight, when, after a long, rough day at work I raced to the barn and ended up popping Connor over a small crossrail a few times.  It was not a night for Dressage work, if you know what I mean.
CJF Clinic, March 2013

What I like about jumping is the 'partnership rush'.  The feeling of "conversing" about a fence with him and then taking a leap into the air on his back, seamlessly going from one side to the other - that's magic.  We must have taken that crossrail 8 or 10 times and only had one bad distance, because I finally know what it means to see a distance two strides out and make adjustments early.  Though I can't wait to jump bigger, the height of the fence doesn't matter so much when it's the feeling that thrills you.  It feels so good when it's good, when you're good together, and it's so fascinating to me how willing and amicable horses are to something like jumping.  Connor sure perked up when we switched from flat to fences today.

After a long day of dealing with people, and with virtual computers and servers that don't really exist, it's nice to get lost in something so physical as a wordless conversation with a wordless - but not silent - animal.


  1. I agree with you Jen. I have as much fun jumping 18in as I do jumping 3ft. It really is magic, especially with your best pony:)

  2. Love that pic - you both look so intent!

    Even though we can't jump, I certainly know what you mean about getting lost in riding. Really makes you concentrate on your horse, your 'oneness', and the rest of the world just fades :)

  3. He is SO cute!

    yay for a great ride and a great partnership!