April 14, 2013

Thick Feathers!

As I was watching Connor eat dinner and dry after my lesson on Thursday, I noticed with delight that his feathers have grown in thicker than ever.  I'm not sure if this happened a while ago and I just didn't notice, or if it's recent, but I am excited about it all the same.  I've always half-seriously lamented his lack of feathers compared to other Cobs.  I plan on showing him with feathers, (My rule is that whatever Cardi shows in, that's what I will show in, so feathers it is), so the thicker/more obviously feathered, the better, otherwise it just looks like I'm a lazy groomer.

Legit feathers!

I hope they don't totally shed out - I'm still learning about feathered breeds, and didn't realize that feathers also grow in/out seasonally until last fall, when I couldn't figure out why his feathers were suddenly gone one morning.  Always learning something new!

Comparison photos:
December 24, 2012 - some feathers, but not as much as right now

September, 2012 - wimpy, shedding-out feathers.


  1. At least you are willing to keep them. If Hue had feathers those bad boys would be trimmed in a minute. I don't think I would want to be diligent enough about keeping them clean... Especially lighter colored ones! They are really pretty though. I hope his stay fluffy :)

  2. Ginger's seem to shed with the seasons as well. I'm like you and love them, so I get seriously uptight in the winter about keeping them clean and dry. I'd probably cry if I had to shave them off lol.

  3. I trim Rhyme's because they are EVERYWHERE

  4. Yay, I am so glad to hear you are keeping his feathers. Rosemary's are thicker this year too. I hope she keeps them. Roscoe's are always thick and I think it is the white sockings. I love that Cardi keeps his feathers even at the level he shows. I figure if Friesens can keep theirs, my Cobs can too.