May 24, 2013

More GDHT Photos

Our prelim rider's mom got some additional shots of my show jumping round.  Please note in the following five photos how good/huge/alertly he jumps over flowers, and how he could care less over poles.  Every single time.  Haha!  Love him.  Definitely posting some rider sins here, I'm ahead of him in almost every photo, but my eyes are up and I never caught him in the mouth.  For a pair that jumped more fences last week than we have in our entire lives (no exaggeration!), and a rider who jumped her first fence as an adult, I'm content with where we are but also ready to improve.

Those are his "Pretty sure those flowers are going to grab me, mom" ears.

No flowers = unconcerned pony.

No flowers.

Clearly need either flowers or bigger fences to make him use his front end!

Aaand no flowers.


  1. Love those ears in the first photo!

  2. I think he needs bigger jumps! He's just like "whatever mom I could do this in my sleep, as long as there aren't flowers" But he looks really happy and awesome

  3. Cute! I love the first one. :)

  4. Stadium on grass - gotta love it :) You both look super! Connor looks like he enjoyed himself.