May 12, 2013

Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day!  Here's a photo of baby Connor terrorizing his mother, I know you're all surprised that he was this cheeky as a baby!  Ha.  Moms are the best!

So cute!
And here's that cute little face all grown up this afternoon, seven years later:

Anyone have any creative braiding ideas for the short section?


  1. OMG look how adorable and cheeky he is! Add some extra yarn to the short section - it'll help you have a little bit more to braid with.

  2. D'ahhhh he is so cute! I can totally imagine how much of a pain he was to his mama :) I am very jealous of you having baby pictures of him though.

  3. I love the baby photo! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Try to braid a lock of longer hairs, tail hairs maybe?, into the short section so you can make a nice "bobble" out of it.
    Connor was a nice chunky foal, wasn't he!