XC Schooling!

You know what's really hard?

Sitting at my desk pondering the logistics of moving the Probation department from standard PC's to zero client-based virtual desktops when I am one hour and five minutes away from leaving work early to go to the barn for Connor's first off-property XC schooling!

The five of us that will be showing at Greater Dayton this weekend are taking the horses over in the lovely 85 degrees and sunny weather today in order to school them at the facility that they'll be at this weekend.  I'm excited about what that extra level of familiarity will do for my otherwise spooky pony.  He's only schooled XC on the property before.

Since I filled out my USEA medical card for the first time this morning, can we talk about the fact that they ask for your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER on it?  The social engineering/armchair Red Flag Law expert/ network security girl inside of me went "Noooope!"  Do they really expect you to put your SSN on a piece of paper that regularly gets lost/maimed/dropped in a pond/etc?  I won't even put mine on official forms unless the person I'm handing it to can tell me why they need it and what happens to that piece of paper after it leaves my hands.  They can have my insurance number while I'm unconscious, but wait until I'm coherant in the hospital to get my SSN.  Anyone else refuse to fill out that line?


  1. So jealous, Have Fun!!!
    My armband card is so old, I can not remember what is on it or not. I hesitate when I have to put my SS# on the welsh show forms, but at least that is not running around an open field.

  2. I'm pretty sure they also ask for your blood type - or at least they used to. Talk about unnecessary & useless information! Filling those things out is halfway between exasperation and sheer terror, I find.

  3. I only file out SSN lines if I'm guaranteed money since they need to let the IRS know.

  4. Have fun schooling! And good luck this weekend :)

  5. You'll be driving right by my house! Have a great time! Not to be a Debbie downer but is it legal to school the course after the closing date?

  6. Social security number? That's quite extreme! Have fun schooling!

  7. I refuse to full that out too. I think it's unnecessary.


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