June 22, 2013

Liebster Award - 11 Random Facts

All right, I am way late to this party!  I was tagged for the Liebster Award by Allison at Adventures with Shyloh and Carla at The Collegial Equestrian, who have long been two of my favorite blogs to follow.  Thanks, guys!   I'm going to break this up into a couple of posts.

11 Random Facts About Me
1. I found out at the age of 25 that I have a gluten intolerance.

2. I teach a cardiovascular endurance class at my gym once a week.  Last summer we trained for and ran what was almost everyone's first 5K.

3. I sometimes have to take down 911's computers in our county as part of my job.  Never all at once, if we can possibly avoid it.
Place of employment.

4. My husband and I eloped to Italy in October of 2010.  Best decision we've ever made.

5. I double-majored in Equine Studies and Digital Media Communications in college, but discovered IT along the way and couldn't imagine doing anything else now.

6. My husband and I fostered 8 different dogs for a local sled dog rescue for over a year until Bitsy came along and got so incredibly attached to me, we had to adopt her.  We'll foster again someday for sure.

7. I am on the board of our local young professionals organization and co-chair of the volunteering committee.

8. My college didn't have a cross-country team my first three years I was there, but started one my final year, so I walked on, and we won the USCAA national championship that year.

I am somewhere in this picture.
9. I had never cantered a horse until I was a sophomore in high school, only walked and trotted, and the first time I ever jumped was as a sophomore in college, five years ago.

10. My designated equestrian team horse show job in college was in the concession stand, specifically grilled cheese making.  All the girls that did four years of horse holding (standing, in the cold usually) said I was a terrible person.

11. I studied abroad in Italy for a semester (which was cheaper than attending my own college for a semester!), a country that has the most delightful graffiti:


  1. I assure you the feeling is mutual! Yours is also one of my fave blogs--it's good to see someone else my age making the whole horse thing work.

    How did you get into fostering Huskies? I had a gorgeous wooly Husky/Malmute mix for about 6 months as a kid. He had very severe separation anxiety though, and he broke through 3 metal crates in his attempts to get outside. Did I mention he could open doors? There were many times when we found Sonic had been playing with neighborhood kids all day while we were at work/school. Finally my mom got sick of it and returned him to the foster family :( At least I know he went back to a good place though.

  2. Oops. I was signed into my bf's gmail. But the above comment is from Carla of Collegial Equestrian

  3. Haha, no problem, I was wondering who that was! Thanks! It's definitely not easy in your 20's.

    We got into fostering Huskies because we rescued a Husky, (not Bitsy) and after surviving the extreme separation anxiety, escape episodes, and house destruction with him, we figured we were pretty good at dealing with them and wanted to help others. Tucker has chewed through a door and a window sash, broken two windows, tore up the carpet and pad in a closet in our old apartment, destroyed two area rugs and tore a hole in a metal hunting dog crate. Now that we have lived in the same place for two years, it has subsided some, but he still does not do well at all with routine changes that involve my husband. He's a Mal/Husky mix. They are tough dogs to raise and love, but they are fun. The rescue we worked with has a REALLY thorough adoption process with a home visit and follow-ups and a long contract that outlines things like "This dog may never be allowed off-leash," and "I understand that Huskies are a high-shedding breed." I wouldn't have fostered without that kind of support, knowing they were going into homes that were prepared for them.

  4. Love your facts! Eloping is the way to go. . .we didn't elope, but our wedding was very small.

  5. Omg eloping in Italy- ummmmm that's freaking awesome!!

  6. Very cool... I loved my husky, but he was too smart for his own good, and unfortunately with my mom paying for all the damage he caused, it was her decision to send him back. They are definitely dogs that need to keep their mind occupied! I used to set up jump courses with lawn chairs and brooms to tire him out :)

  7. Love this post - the pictures made it :) My facts weren't nearly as fun!