June 5, 2013

Product Reviews: Vetrolin Shine Spray, Gearmax Equestrian Backpack, Romfh Coolmax Stock Tie

How about some long-delayed product reviews, brought to you by an epically slow week at work?

Vetrolin Shine Spray
Why I have it: I won this in Karley's contest in celebration of her blog hitting 100 followers.  Congratulations, Karley!  Also, Austen broke my Showsheen bottle last winter and it doesn't exactly travel well anymore...

What I like: It left Connor super shiny, and seemed lighter than ShowSheen.  It did not leave him feeling slippery the way ShowSheen does.  I even sprayed it on the saddle area to test it out - living on the edge!

What I found weird: It smells like Vetrolin, but isn't Vetrolin.  Does that make me a poser?

What I didn't realize until I sat down to write this review: It contains sunscreen, which many SmartPak reviewers report keeps their horses from fading.  Though Connor's orange late-summer color doesn't bother me, I'm definitely going to do some experimenting and report back.

Gearmax Equestrian Backpack
What I liked when I went XC schooling with it: It cut my tacking up time in half because I was able to hang this bag on the side of the trailer next to Connor while everyone else was jockeying for position in the trailer tack room.  When we were done, his wet boots went into the vented outer pocket.

What I liked at Greater Dayton: It hung outside Connor's stall, where everything from my brushes to my competitor packet to my tall boots was visible and within easy reach. The only things not in the backpack were his grain, my pads, and my wash bucket/sponge, which went into a small Sterilite container, and my saddles.  I was asked several times where I got it by my teammates over the weekend, and not having to search for my stuff definitely reduced my show stress levels and nerves.  I never misplaced a single thing all weekend.

What you should not think of it as: A backpack.  Instead, think of it as a soft-sided vertical tack trunk that you can put on your back if necessary in order to carry two things at once.

Equestrian Gearmax Backpack

What my husband calls it: The World War II Radio Man Backpack.  He's always asking me how the fighting in the Pacific Theater is going this week when he sees me wearing it.  Apparently my Dressage whip in the side pocket looks like an antenna...

Romfh Coolmax Pre-Tied Stock Tie
What I like: It's lightweight, adjustable, and stayed put when I didn't have a stock tie pin.  (Er, oops.)  I can see the technical fabric being cooler than a tradition stock tie in the summer.

This is not me, you can tell because she remembered her stock tie pin.

What to consider if you're thinking about buying it:  It's cheaper from Amazon than Dover or Smartpak, and shipped free with Amazon Prime.


  1. Haha the smell comment cracks me up! I LOVE the smell of Vetrolin and how the spray is not heavy like you mentioned! I spray it all over Henry!!! Hope you and Connor enjoy it! :)

  2. Ohh... I need to try the vetrolin spray. The backpack seems cool too!