June 25, 2013

Tuesday in Photos

Today I caught Connor with:

Pony likes salt.  Thanks to the reader who suggested trying new treats!

And rode him in:

Borrowed Wintec.  Fits okay.
After our ride, he made friends with a:

And fed him here:

Because he's currently on 24/7 turnout (yay!) and it was storming.

Saddle search update: The semi-local tack store does not have anything in 16.5" wide, just 17.5" and larger, so that's out.  I did leave them my name/number in case they get anything in.  Next!


  1. Love the new treats! Riva loves pretzels - given by my husband :)

  2. Do you below to the Facebook group English Tack Trader? That's a good resource.

  3. hahaha love the horse treats :)