July 29, 2013

It Never Seemed So Strange (July)

I told my boss I'm taking a "Sun Day" this week.  If I can skip work due to bad weather, I should be able to skip work due to nice weather, right?  Especially if I'm planning on playing with the pony.  Right??

We are in the midst of one of the most beautiful summers I can remember.  Last year we had weeks where it didn't get below 70, even at night, with highs in the 100's for days at a time.  My lessons were canceled or rescheduled for up to a month straight, and events were being canceled due to hard ground and heat. This summer, we've had four 90 degree+ days so far - total!

Last summer:

This summer (the Indy meteorologists say we've been experiencing temperatures normal for late September for most of the last month):

Green grass...in late July...(not to mention a comfortable cold-weather dog and cold-weather husband in the outdoors!)

July 25th

Just...green grass.  I am so amazed.
Now let's see those hay prices fall, please!


  1. I am enjoying the cooler weather in KY too. It's so nice!!!

  2. Ours has been the same - beautiful! I even walked to work in a fleece coat this morning. These days are just perfect, sunny but not too hot :)

  3. KY weather has also been awesome. Enjoy!