July 5, 2013

Painting and Lesson

My best friend Mary is in town for the weekend and took tons of photos and videos of Connor and I in my lesson yesterday afternoon.  Lessons keep getting harder and harder as she knows we can do the work.  Instructions come fast, mediocrity is not tolerated.  It's fun, and we're enjoying it.  Yesterday we had an all-day barn improvements party, as one boarder was building jumps and the rest of us spent the day alternating between riding (lessons or team conditioning rides) and painting them.  And now, proof that we're getting fancy!

So many new things for Connor to spook at!


  1. They jumps look great!! How tall are those standards? They look little haha! :)

    You guys look awesome in the lesson pics!

  2. You two look super!!! Connor is looking so grown up and lovely :)

  3. This is a seemingly random question considering it's summer, but I remember you wrote a post about all the gear you use to combat your Reynaud's in the winter. I freeze my fingers off at the office every day and I was wondering--do you think the SSG ceramic glove liners would work? Thing is I don't really want to wear 2 pairs of gloves just to type...would the SSG liner work without another glove covering it?

  4. Hey Carla! I think they would keep you warm, though I can see them being a bit slippery on the keyboard and mouse. They are pretty smooth. I actually ended up with the Back on Track ceramic glove liners instead of the SSG's, and I like them a lot.