August 22, 2013


Connor and I jumped 2'6 tonight, higher than either of us have ever jumped in our lives! No photos, I am sorry to report. We had done the gymnastic at 2'3 several times before she put it up, saying she wanted to "give him something to think about". He was cool as could be, pausing briefly to analyze the height change but never hesitating about taking it. The effort was appropriate and still not hard for him. He snapped his knees up and cleared it easily, even though it was the end of a long lesson.

As for me, I can't believe all the old fears and tension I used to have on approach are totally gone now. Verticals of any kind were scary a year ago, but even new things, like the corner last week and new heights this week don't scare me on Connor's back. I wanted it!

So happy with my little guy!