October 30, 2013

Castleberry's Rio: Future Dressage Star for Sale

I've never done this before, but tonight, I'm bringing you a sale ad.  And I guess it's a personal vouch and review too. It's one of Connor's breeder's 2013 foals, and he's magnificent.  He's truly something special, and I say that having seen a lot of really nice foals in the nearly four years I've known Lisa.  I want to see this guy go as far as I know he can!

Castleberry's Rio: 3/4 Welsh Cob 1/4 Warmblood.  Expected to mature between 15.2-15.3hh.

Guys, I'm telling you, he's the whole package: conformation, movement, brain and that undefinable "it" factor.  He's going to rule the Dressage ring with movement like that, and fly up the levels with an inquisitive, intelligent brain like he has.  I showed him twice in hand this fall, and I've never seen people (and judges!) stop and stare at a horse like they were looking at him.  It was like seeing people gaze a Lamborghini.

I can't think of any of you who are currently looking, but please, pass the below ad along to anyone you know that might be interested in a future Dressage star.  I could also see him doing combined driving, and he'd of course be a good jumper like all of Lisa's horses and ponies, but movement like that belongs in upper level Dressage.

Welsh Warmblood for Sale

That's me!
Castleberrys Rio is a 2013, 3/4 Welsh Cob, 1/4 Warmblood gelding that has it all. His stylish good looks, powerful, naturally balanced, uphill movement and correct conformation have already earned him two blue ribbons in-hand. Both judges were very complimentary and mentioned how extraordinary he is. His sweet, inquisitive temperament is as extraordinary as the rest of him. Rio's young sire is owned by USDF "S" judge, Sue Kolstad and will soon begin his dressage career with her. Rio's dam is a paternal aunt to Welsh Cob Dressage Superstar, North Forks Brenin Cardi. Rio's pedigree predicts his future stardom. His movement and conformation confirms it. We expect Rio to mature 15.1-2hh. Priced at $8500 Please message or call us at 317-445-4968.

Me again!  I feel so lucky to know Lisa and these horses and to get to show them.  Goodness, they're awesome.

For more like him, please 'Like' Connor's breeder's Facebook page, Castleberry Welsh Cobs & Sporthorses.  Seriously, how can you say no to cute pony pictures on your Facebook wall?


  1. SO cute! Love the little white on his nose!

  2. He is gorgeous! Too bad I don't need another one. :)

  3. Oh my god. I need him. Need need need!

  4. He is CLASS! I hope he finds the right home.

  5. He is gorgeous - I saw him on their facebook feed! We're half looking for a second horse, but I think this guy needs a home where he can really shine!

  6. Happy Pony, don't sell yourself short. A happy home is just as important, if not more-so, than a good show home.