October 14, 2013

More Cob Humor

Welcome to another edition of "Where Connor is vs.Where Connor is Supposed to Be."

The electric fence on the interior of the wood board fence in the former stud paddock he lives in is currently not working for reasons the BO is not totally clear on.  Connor has figured this out.

"Your horse was on the outside of the electric again yesterday.  I called him when I went out for his dinner, and he stared at me before turning around and walking all the way around to the other end of the pasture where the gap is biggest between the 2nd and 3rd strands, and jumped through it without touching it before trotting back down to me for his dinner.  It was kind of impressive, not gonna lie."

Where he's supposed to be, and the gap he escapes into.

That story was told to me three weeks ago, and the electric hasn't looked like this until yesterday, when I again found him in the perimeter zone:

I don't know if he tried to jump through where it's too narrow here, or if he took his hoof or nose and pushed it down until it was wide enough for him to jump - the second one seems more likely, knowing him.

Morning doze in a sunny patch...where he's supposed to be.


  1. Did he jump it when the hot tape was up or when it was sagging down? In the first case, IMPRESSIVE (and glad he didn't get himself tangled). In the second case, smart pony!!

    He seems like such a character.

    1. I have to assume that since it took three weeks for the fence to look like that, he was jumping while the hot tape was up. It's not nearly as impressive if you realize that the point at which he was jumping was over by that little run-in shed, where there's normally about a 2-2 1/2 foot gap between the 2nd and 3rd strand. Still impressive, but not physics-defying impressive! I guess him making a bigger gap is him getting smarter/not wanting to walk so far to make his escape anymore.

  2. That's funny! What a smart boy.

    1. It's a breed thing, just look at what you have to look forward to! :)