October 10, 2013

Product Review: Custom LeatherCraft 1529 Toolbag-Turned-Grooming Box

I continue to be broke, but did have a birthday recently, so I get to bring you a product review!  In preparation for selling my tack trunk and the included plastic grooming box, I had this on my Amazon wish list, which my mom gave me as a birthday present:

Meet the best grooming box ever, a Custom LeatherCraft 1529 16-Pocket, 16-inch Center Tray Toolbag ($29 on Amazon, Prime Eligible)

Organization nirvana!

On the side of the divider shown above, it has loops for things like combs and bot knives, pockets where my curry combs are, and pen loops on the outside for when I'm scrambling to find a pen to write my board check.  I have the combs, four full-size body brushes, and a curry comb on this side, to give you an idea of sizing.

On this side, I've got my full-size bottles which fit easily but snugly, with no chance they'll tip over, plus things I want to reach quickly in the velcro pockets and pouches on the front, like my hoof pick.

A very cool feature for those of you with studs is the plastic box that fits into the pouch in the middle.  All of those divider panels within it are removable, so when my bands didn't fit into one section I took a divider out and made one big section.  I can also see this being useful for storing jewelry that I take off when I ride.  It looks small here but is quite large and deep.

It also fits perfectly into the tack trunk I'll soon be getting rid of, and has fantastic padded handles, as well as a padded shoulder strap, which makes it easy to move from trunk to crossties and back again.

You will like this if:
- You're tired of spending 30 seconds digging for your hoof pick each ride
- You have a long walk between your tack trunk and crossties
- You feel better if things are organized neatly
- You want easy access to your fly spray and are tired of things spilling in your tack trunk

You will not like this if:
- You keep 20 body brushes in your grooming box
- You are a traditionalist - this is a toolbag meant for construction sites, after all

My personal rating: 5/5, I couldn't design a better grooming box myself if I tried.  Highly recommended!


  1. I like! But to be fair, my battered plastic box is still perfectly serviceable and holds all my gear (no I don't have 20 different body brushes, I don't currently possess a body brush!)

  2. I like this! Happy belated Birthday :)