December 30, 2013

30 Questions, Part 2

16. What's a moment with horses that you wished you caught on camera?
It's one I didn't even get to see: Connor in the gap between the electric and the board fence, hearing the barn worker call for him, and walking all the way around the perimeter to the place where the electric is widest in order to jump back between the strands.  Genius.

The bottom of the squiggly line is where Connor was when she came out, and the top of the line is where he went in order to jump through.

17. How old was the youngest horse you've met?
I got as close as you can get, I birthed a baby Welsh Cob once when a family emergency took Connor's breeder away during foaling season.  I was on the phone with her the whole time asking lots of worried questions, but it all turned out well and Castleberry's Aeres is now a happy, healthy two year old.

Baby Aeres

18. How old was the oldest horse you've met?
We had a 34 year old retiree at the barn for a while.

19. Opinion on colorful tack? (like red or blue)
Not unless I'm riding endurance, in which case, break out the neon green biothane, baby!  Keep it classy, San Diego.

20. Have you ever tried horse treats? Hay?
No, although the racehorses got this crazy sweet feed that everyone agreed made the whole barn smell like birthday cake the moment you opened the bag, and I put a little in my mouth once.  Definitely didn't taste like it smelled.

21. Have you ever felt like giving up on a horse?
Only when I was overmounted and scared out of my mind in jump class in college.

College.  Same class, not the scary horse.  This horse was a good egg.

22. Tell the story about the horse that you first felt "click" immediately with you.
I wouldn't say Connor immediately clicked with me, but I immediately clicked with Connor when I rode him for the first time in the empty ring at the Hoosier Horse Park in 2011.  Within minutes of me, a stranger, getting on his back in what should have been a scary situation for him, I felt how sensitive, energetic and game he was, and I knew how easily that energy could be misconstrued in scared hands that didn't understand the way his brain ticks.  After two years of patiently caring for that brain, energy and mouth, we are really going places and Connor has found his niche.

The second time I ever rode Connor, when we went out on the XC course after a Welsh show to show him to my trainer who was there schooling (We were not schooling).  We might jump this jump this summer!

23. Ever ridden side-saddle? How was it?
Side-saddle goes in the same category as driving for me: really cool, do not have the balls to try it myself.

24. Most interesting place you've ridden at.
It's a toss up between the top of the mountain over the Mediterranean Sea (although the rest of that ride was terrifying), and the vineyards of Chianti.

25. What kind of horse do you like? (sport, stock, endurance, etc)
Sport horses.

26. Do you feel like you have more patience with horses than people?
I work in IT, and I'm specifically good at bridging the gap between techy people and normal people, so I am necessarily very patient with people.

27. Is the horse you ride very vocal?
Only when he sees me walking up to his field and when I first walk into the barn on Sunday mornings.  He also has a very deep, throaty whicker he does when you go to put his grain in his stall.

28. Ever ridden in the sunset?
Many times.  Sunset, moonlight, starlight, daylight, I am outside as much as I possibly can, even though we have an indoor. 

29. How do you like a horse's mane? (roached, pulled, long, etc)
I went back and forth on this when I got Connor, but I tend to like it pulled, but longer, since he has that thick mane.  It looks weird if I pull it hunter-short.  I would never roach his mane, the flaxen is so dreamy and dramatic against his chestnut coat.

30. What is your dream name for a horse
My racehorse trainers who also bred sat on this one amazing name for years before they finally decided to give it to a filly that seemed to deserve it - ThankYouAndGoodnight.  Unfortunately she was killed in a freak pasture accident as a long yearling.  A sad story, but a great name.


  1. I keep meaning to share this with you …

    My first "horse," the one that was actually MINE, was Sunshine. Sunny was a Morgan/Welsh cross although I didn't have any papers to prove that. I got her in 1985 (?). You can see a few pictures of her at this link:

    Your banner photo always reminds me of her. In the summer, her coat was a brilliant copper with that same lovely flaxen mane and tail. To this day it's a coat color that really makes me smile. :0)

    1. How cool! I had not seen that. You can very clearly see both breeds in her. I loved the story too, your dad sounds like a good man.

  2. Rhyme has a roached mane, I love it. It makes him look so snazy and warhorsey. lol

  3. Random, but did you go to St. Mary's of the Woods?

    1. Yes I did! And I was born in northern IL and grew up in southern IL, to answer the question from your other blog. My best friends went to U of I, so I spent a lot of weekends there in college.