December 7, 2013

Five Day Challenge - Day Five

I made it!  This was a lot of fun.

I was THIS CLOSE to them!  I took this picture.  And 1000
other pictures - not exaggerating in the least.
21. Favorite classes to watch
I haven't been to enough shows to properly answer this, so I guess by default my favorite class to watch was that World Cup SJ qualifier in Verona.  I had never seen big-time jumping in real life before, and the fences were taller than me, and the horses had to move in such a particular way to get over them that is just not as obvious on TV.  Plus I was stunned to see "TV riders" in real life.  It made the whole four hour train ride there and back, getting stranded on a train platform hundreds of kilometers from home on a Sunday night due to an Italian rail strike, and doing the whole thing alone because my roommates didn't want to go totally worth it.

22. What's in your cooler at horse shows?
With the team?  Water and some nuts to make it through the day.  If I'm showing with Austen, there is a full box of Franzia in our cooler.  And if I'm showing with the Welsh club, Blue Moon after the show.

There's a box of Franzia and a bag of Twizzlers under those chairs.

23. One thing about showing (or riding in general) you wish you could change?
I wish it was easier for people to find good people - in this part of the country, you struggle with finding skilled people that make a big difference in your riding career, like good saddle fitters, trainers, even tack shops.  There aren't enough equestrians to warrant more options, but it leaves everyone driving a lot - my 45 minute commute is short compared to some of my teammates, and I think everyone drives at least 30 minutes to the barn.

24. Your ringside crew
Nobody - really.  My trainer wipes the dust off my boots and warms me up, and there's always someone around to hold Connor for a second if I need it, but otherwise I fly completely solo at shows.  Mary and my mom both live several hours away, and it's pulling teeth to get my husband to show up just for my ride time at local events.  It was a little sad at GDHT when I was the only team member on the three day trip who didn't have a friend, spouse or mom along, but this is my hobby, not anyone else's.

Me and my momma after my first IHSA show my Freshman year

25. Best prizes
Probably the Horseware headband I won for winning the alum flat class in my one and only alumni IHSA show.  There aren't many opportunities for prizes as an eventer!


  1. I totally agree that watching live is soooo different then on tv :)

  2. Can you even call it a dressage show if there isn't wine? At the last recognized show I was in, the only beverage options at the competitor's party were beer and wine. No water to be found. ;)

  3. Franzia... the wine of champions!