December 5, 2013

Five Day Challenge - Day Four

16. One thing you'd like to change about your horse
I'd give him some Thoroughbred lungs.  He's on the light and sporty side of "drafty little pony" and his cardio will improve a lot once we're able to do some conditioning rides, but he's never going to be able to do an 11 minute gallop.  Since I'm too chicken to go anywhere above Training, this works out just fine.

Connor and I before I owned him in 2011.   Dat chair seat!
17. Your horse's future
Taking over the world with me!  Training level eventing is in his future.  ?? level Dressage is in his future (the sky's the limit here, we're coming for you, Cardi!).  Foxhunting is in his future.  Driving (again) is in his future (maybe...I find driving scarier than anything else horse-related.  There are just so many straps and things that could go massively wrong that can't go wrong when you're on their backs!)

18. Your worst show ever
Not Einstein, nor the show in question, just a random IHSA show.
Once again, dat chair seat! (2007ish?)
I still haven't done a lot of showing, guys.  I can count on one hand the number of non-IHSA shows I've done.  My worst show was probably the IHSA show where I drew Einstein for my first and last jump round ever my senior year.  I was not good enough at jumping to be out there, and I had some crazy fear issues from being massively over-mounted in class.  I scared the spectators.  I scared myself.  I made Einstein mad.

I then did one IHSA show as an alum, and over fences I of course drew...Einstein.  Karma, you suck.  (But rest in peace as of a couple of months ago, you crazy horse, you.)

19. Favorite horse show venue
I have shown at two places: the Hoosier Horse Park and GDHT.  I have to go with Hoosier Horse Park on this one, because it's got a big XC course, is a great facility for this area of the country, has lots of permanent stalls, and is ten minutes from my house.  Nothing like rolling out of your own bed to greet the show morning knowing your horse is 30 minutes closer to you than he normally is when he's at the barn.

This is an old picture, they've added another couple of barns, and you can't see the XC course or either jumping ring or another Dressage ring from this angle.  Very cool place, can't believe it exists here.

20. Your show day routine
See above, I really don't have one yet.  One thing that makes my show day routine easier with this barn is that my trainer has a sheet taped up in the stabling area with ride times and "when you should be on your horse" times and "when I should see you in the warmup ring" times.  Not having to devote brainpower/worrying power to when I should tack up and get on massively reduces my stress level as a novice eventer.  I would even say it improves my scores - I'm a panicker about being on time.


  1. I never looked twice at driving until I read a story about Harpo -- a Hackney rescue who was KILLING the combined driving competition.

    Next time you drive Connor you must bring along a photographer!! I think it's so cool :-)

    1. I haven't driven him, but he was trained to drive at a PA driving barn. He knows more about it than I do! If the opportunity to buy a little cart and harness comes up, I'd definitely give it a try, but man, it really does scare me!

    2. It can be scary, but there is nothing like the feel of riding in the cart, especially with a Cob between the shafts. Rosemary totally takes care of me when I drive her. We got really lucky finding two harness for cheap prices.

  2. I totally feel you on the conditioning thing, what works for me is canter sets. cobs can trot forever but not be engaged and working really, long low canters with bouts of higher speed work the best

    1. Yeah, next summer will be our year of conditioning.

  3. The time sheet for shows is a great idea. I needed one of those for dressage. I don't think I'd make it to all the phases if I evented.

    1. Getting to three ride times is overwhelming at times, especially for a one-day event. It's just nice to figure that out ahead of time and not have to worry or think anymore.