December 24, 2013

Little Cob Jockey

Like so many, I'm at home for Christmas.  I spent some time this evening going through some of my early childhood photo albums:

My rocking horse was a chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, and 23 years later, my real horse would be a chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail.  Hmm...

First pony ride!  June of 1991.  It might have been my first time ever sitting on a horse.

Touching a Budweiser Clydesdale at Grant's Farm.  You can tell by the look on my face that that was a magical moment.

I had to say Merry Christmas to Connor before I turned him out on Sunday morning, knowing I wouldn't be able to see him again until after Christmas.  It's a normal traveling Christmas for those of us who don't live near their families, and I'm jealous of those of you who get to see your horses on Christmas!  In the end, it means more to be with the people you love than the animal that doesn't know Christmas is a thing.  Connor and I will celebrate Christmas on Friday!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with good food and fun with your families, and I can't wait to see what equine-related gifts you all get.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you too! I'm one of the "lucky" ones who will get to wake up and kiss my ponies tomorrow morning. It's hard to beat living close to family.