January 3, 2014

Dragon Buttons!

I spent New Years in a vacation home in Michigan with my husband and I's college friends, which included Austen of Guinness on Tap, and another fellow eventer/CrossFit friend.  We watched football, Rolex Show Jumping, and George Morris while the snow fell outside.  It was perfect.

While we were there, we exchanged Christmas gifts.  I'll let her share hers if she wants, but I am going to share what she got me: Pewter Welsh Dragon buttons meant to go on my show coat:

They are so beautiful, and it was such a thoughtful gift.  I love classy breed "logo" details, and I can't wait to represent the Welsh breed a little more thoroughly - right down to the buttons! - in 2014.

Now to find someone to sew them on for me...


  1. Seriously, I gasped so loudly at work, everyone around me heard and wondered. LOL
    They are just lovely!!

  2. It was an awesome trip! I'm glad you like them! (Etsy for the win!)

  3. So pretty! What a thoughtful friend. (And yeah, that vacation sounds awesome!)

  4. I love those - so pretty!
    Is it wrong though that when I saw the title I thought "uh oh, Ginger has a 'dragon button' too." Sweet sensitive pony to fire breathing dragon all with the push of the (wrong) button lol :)

  5. Beautiful!! What a wonderful gift!