March 13, 2014

Bannockburn Farm Article

You guys know my feelings on breeders: smart, passionate breeders are essential to the survival and success of the US horse industry.  That's why I was so especially delighted to see one of the best featured in Chronicle of the Horse this week.  She's an Indiana-based breeder whom I know through Connor's breeder, and also happens to be the breeder of Hillary's Houston B.  She's amazing, and I am so thrilled to see both this article and the success of Centurion B in the Grand Prix jumper ring propelling her into the spotlight - as if being in the top 3 jumper breeders in the US for a while hasn't been enough!

I had to laugh at the ad for Camina's MacCoy, a Welsh Cob stallion, appearing underneath Allyn's article, since she has had a big influence on Connor's breeder.  Very appropriate advertising!