March 29, 2014

Full Brother Comparison Video

For those of you who may not know, Nicole of Equinpilot has one of Connor's full siblings, Comrade.  She posted a video on Facebook last week of Comrade's walk, taken from the saddle, and it was genuinely strange for me to watch because it tricked my brain into thinking I was riding Connor!  They look, feel and apparently ride very alike.

I said I would take a similar video and compare them, so here is that video.  Maybe she will post a link to hers in the comments?

This was during our cool out and I was bareback, it looks like his neck is a mile long because he's stretched down.

ETA: Nicole's video is available here.


  1. Wow, Jen that is crazy. Now I know how you feel. You were only missing the "Oh the dog is coming moment" :P Very Cool
    here is the link, mine is on Facebook hope it works