March 22, 2014

Viva Carlos Magical Blog Hop: What's in Your Bucket/Smartpak?

What's in Connor's Smartpak?

Nothing!  Equine Nutrition was my favorite class in college, I always liked the science-based classes best.  My favorite quote from that class was from the professor, Dr. Marks, who said, "If you get one thing out of this class, you will learn to be skeptical of feed and supplement reps, and you will gain the knowledge to intelligently question and explore their claims."  It's been one of the more valuable classes to me as a horse owner.

Our eventing team is sponsored by Tribute and that's all my barn feeds, so it's a good thing I really like it.  Fixed-formula low starch/high fat with lots of good things in it, such as added biotin and B12.  Some of their feeds even include joint supplements right in the feed, which I think is great, but we don't feed those right now.

Connor gets 1lb of Kalm Ultra and 1/2lb of Essential K ration balancer plus two flakes of hay at both his AM and PM feeds, and has access to free choice salt.  Additionally, all of the horses at the barn get a scoop of ground flax with each meal.  That's it!


  1. Simple AND effective! Connor looks great :)

  2. I love Tribute. Loki is on Kalm Ultra too

  3. Connor is looking REALLY good! Ginger also has nothing in her bucket beyond a ration balancer since our local grass and hay is deficient in some minerals. She gets 7-8lbs low sugar hay morning and night, and 8 hours of good pasture in the winter, with less time in the big pasture in the summer depending how it's growing. I'm paranoid about founder and insulin issues with her body type.

  4. Nice and easy! And he does well on it, buy the looks of him. If it ain't broke. . .right? :)

  5. Supplement in the feed that is great :)