April 4, 2014

Up Bank Clinic Videos

Connor has always attacked up banks.  He likes the long spot, and up banks lend themselves to that style of jumping.  He never even puts his nose down and peeks at them like he does every other type of stadium or XC jump.   Not knowing that, and wanting to continue to build Connor's confidence, the clinician started him out walking again.  You can see Connor go "Psh, man, I got this!" from the very first attempt.

He'd never done an up bounce bank before, but it was NBD.  The bounce was a little short for his pace and stride the first time, and he had to leap for the second one, but he did it confidently and adjusted.  As the jump at the top of the bank became a vertical, they again focused on chipping him in to give him that extra second to analyze the situation.  There are three attempts in the video below, with the second one being my favorite.  They get a nice open field canter going before she sits in a little more deeply to coil him up before the up bank.  Up bank bounce compilation:


  1. He looks really great in these. I'd guess that he was much more experienced than he is. He just seems calm, not pacey or pulling and like he's enjoying his job. He is such a cutie!!

    1. That's the Cob brain, one of the reasons I love this breed so much. I've been the first person on a Cob's back before, taken one out for his third ride ever cantering through an open hay field, and they all ride like that no matter what stage they're in. They're not dull rides, but they're just calm and confident in general.

  2. That looks like so much fun!

  3. He looks so confident and happy! :)

  4. He is having fun! Random question, but are those brown field boots or just very shiny half chaps on the person walking around 0:11 on the second video? It's a beautiful color!