Back from CrossFit Regionals/Baby Pony Announcement!

She made it!  We're going to California!

So proud!  Years of hard work went into this!

(SoCal this time, sorry L. Williams!)

My husband's father passed away over the weekend, so things are crazy right now, but I'll be back with more Connor soon.  Thanks for all the comments and fly bonnet inspiration over the weekend, I read them all and will be making a purchase soon!

Also, this happened over the weekend:

It's a BOY!!!  Meet Castleberry's Ffafr ap Culhwch (Double 'f' theme from the dam's line, Ffafr is pronounced 'favor' and 'ap Culhwch' means 'son of Culhwch')

This is a very special and very VERY nice purebred Welsh Cob.  Gwynfaes Culhwch x Castleberrys Fflying Duchess

So excited to meet this little guy and to follow him as he grows up!


  1. *big hug* and damn I wish it was NorCal!

  2. Oh man, sorry for your loss! :(

    Yay baby and CA trip tho!! :)

  3. So sorry for your loss!

    And my whta a sweet baby!

  4. Sorry to hear about your husband's father.

    Cute baby, though!

  5. Oh, No That is so sad. I am glad you got baby news to help cheer you up. He reminds me of Roscoe, I guess the family resemblance is showing :) So happy for Lisa.

    1. He sure is something special, just like Roscoe. I'm very excited about him.

  6. Sorry about father-in-law. Very cute baby!

    1. Thanks and yes! He's adorable, and so well put together.


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