Dressagin' Through the Years

I leave today for the CrossFit Central East Regionals with my friend and trainer Nicole, who qualified for the third year in a row.  I'll be checking in, but not doing a lot of commenting for the next few days!

I was going back through old show pictures to put on my Show Results page (see my header bar, above, unless you're in an RSS reader, in which case link here) and I noticed something cool.  It's hard to encapsulate progress, as we all know, and we can sometimes lose sight of the whole when we're focusing so hard on the details.  But this is a pretty clearly visible whole, even at different gaits.




All pictures I've seen a million times before, but seeing the change in the way Connor carries himself is really neat to see side-by-side.  Progress, slow and steady progress.


  1. Have fun.

    You should be proud of where you guys are! You look great!

  2. This is why I love pictures--it's such a fabulous way to track progress and keep yourself motivated. :-) Well done!

  3. What a good improvement!! :D

    Have fun at the Regionals! :)

  4. You're doing such a good job with him. He's really filled out this year to look like one hunky monkey.

  5. Go girl! Look at that progress!!

  6. Great comparison shots and progress! You and Connor look so good together!

  7. Big changes! What a cool thing to do!

  8. I love your comparison pictures! It's amazing to see them side by side.

  9. Those pictures show an incredible change. It is so wonderful that you have them and can put them next to eachother like that :-)


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