At Penny Oaks, Connor took second by less than a point to his former pasturemate Marvin, being ridden by his new adult amateur owner's trainer.  Marvin started excitedly sniffing Connor when I rode up next to her in the awards line, and she apologized, saying, "He's always had a thing about ponies, I have no idea why he likes them so much."   She didn't know who I was, and I said, "I think I know why he likes ponies so much, and this pony in particular..."  She was delighted when I explained that they were separated best friends.

It was a happy reunion!

Long lost friends!  Okay, it's only been a few months, but still.


  1. I love it! How nice that they got to see each other (and in the awards line, no less!)

  2. Awww! So sweet that they recognized each other :)

  3. That makes me go all Black Beauty :)

  4. Love that horses remember each other!

  5. That's really sweet. Lovely picture of the reunion too :)

  6. aw...that is too friggin cute!


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