June 29, 2014

Connor's Custom Fly Bonnets by the Other Jen

Jen of Wyvern Oaks and I have become fast friends.  Really, it was sort of fate.  She owns a Haflinger, I own Castleberry's Not-a-Haflinger  Contender.  She works for the company that owns the one piece of software that I am an undisputed expert in.  Both of us understand the value of cute pony photos in blog posts.   Both of us have Husky mutts that form dog balls:

Dog Ball.

 Both of us are named Jen.  Meant to be.

So after my fly bonnet post, I got a message.  Hey, I have this fly bonnet sitting around, you want it?  It's just a plain fly bonnet I bought and never used, but it will work.  Sure! I said.  Then she was like "What are your XC colors?  I am an amazing seamstress, and I'm going to pimp this bad boy out for you."  (My paraphrasing, of course.)  Then that turned into "Your farm colors are what again?  Okay, I'm doing two bonnets."  Then that turned into three bonnets, and many hours spent trading designs back and forth (that may or may not have occurred at work.)

I could hardly believe my eyes when they got here.  They are so beautiful and SO well made!

That is a Welsh dragon fly bonnet in the colors of the Welsh flag!  Not going to be mistaken for a Haflinger now!

My farm's colors.

Every time I text Jen a picture, it invariably is accompanied with "Eeeeeeee!  So cute!"

That puddle on the ground?  That would be white clover slobbers.

Don't mind his donkey pose.  Do admire the tail that I banged for the first time in my entire life.  My trainer basically had to hold my hand.  Terrifying.  Also, Jen!  This is matching outfit No. 1.
And there is a lot less headshaking now (after one major headshaking incident when he woke up and realized there was a thing on his head partway through a really hard Dressage lesson...I had to growl at him!), so, fly bonnet mission accomplished.

If you are looking for someone to make sweet custom bonnets for you...I know a guy.