FRVPCHT: BN Dressage Test

I seriously could not have asked for more anything for our Dressage test today - he was focused and on my aids when he needed to be, and the result was a test I am very proud of:

Very proud!

And the WHOLE THING is on video!  It's at the end of the post.

We had a lovely relaxed warmup in which he completely tuned the chaos around him out and listened to me.

And when he gave me some of the best leg yields of his life when we were going around the outside of the ring:

I knew he was in that perfect focused frame of mind, and truly on my aids.  I actually got some beautiful but accidental canter as we went around the outside of the ring, because I was too firm with my aids for that frame of mind he was in.

Some test photos:

Austen Gage:  dem braids.

The judge scored us a very awesome 30.5 to put us in 4th place in a large, competitive division (uh, this show is on a scale of wealth I am NOT used to!  There are Fernhill horses here!).  I was thrilled with the comments.  She wrote "Lovely overall effort.  Some very good moments.  Keep rebalancing often and ride for accuracy."  7's across the board, with a 6 for our entrance and right canter, and an 8 for our final trot, which I performed sitting for reasons I can't fully explain.  Our sitting trot is really good right now, so it was a good decision I guess.

And my mom got the entire thing on video.  I'm thrilled to finally see what I have been feeling these past few months.  So proud of him!!

We tiny.


  1. I am SOOOO proud of you both! What a team you are! I noticed the braids too. Nice, all around!

  2. I love that top photo! Beautiful and love to see happy horse and rider. Congrats on a great test!

  3. That is AWESOME! I love that last picture. So cute. :)

  4. Congrats, that was a great test!! So proud of you both!!!

    1. Dang, can't see the video on my phone, but the pictures look great. Congratulations

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  6. Awesome!! You and Connor are so amazing together and all your hard work is showing! So proud of you :)

  7. Those downward trans looked just fine!! And, dem braids tho. :)

  8. Congratulations!!! You did so well! He looks so relaxed and quiet :)

  9. You guys are my favorite. Congrats on such an awesome test!

  10. You both looked super!!! Great dressage test and score! Connor looks so grown up and put together - you should be very proud :)

  11. Congrats - what a great score!

  12. Awesome!! So good to see you guys performing like that.

  13. Congratulations! You guys look great!

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