June 26, 2014

Photo Dump: Entourage

My mom grew up riding H/J in Chicago, and I still have tons of relatives and friends up there: aunts, uncles, cousins, women that are basically aunts, college roommates...definitely not a show I needed a hotel room for!

Photo credit to my amazing mom and her awesome camera skills (you should see how worn her Canon Rebel XTi is on the grip, it's in her hand so much).  She took a ton of pictures of not only me and my rides, but my teammates as well!

My mom's best friend Dawn (best friends since age 2!) and her horse loving niece (who has just taken two lessons so far) Sarah.

My mom's childhood friend Laura telling Connor he was a good boy after Dressage.

Connor asking my mom who this crazy lady is!

My groom - she wanted to take him the second I got off every ride!

My college roommate and accomplished Dressage rider Teegan.

True love!  Dawn recently retired her heart horse to a gorgeous retirement farm 6 hours away in Kentucky.

Also true love, and an equestrian being born!  She didn't say much, but gazed at Connor with stars in her eyes all weekend.

Grooming team post XC!

My uncle Scott and three year old cousin Larkin.

Laura's twin sister, Linda, also a horse person and my mom's childhood friend.

Connor loving on Larkin.

Linda and Larkin.

See?  True love.

Teaching Larkin where to stand and where to pet the pony.

Me and my mom

Uncle Scott and Larkin, my Aunt Carrie and my cousin Jaden.
He was totally interested in her.  Why?  She had been eating a Clif Bar, his favorite food.  Made for some good pictures.
Teegan, Connor's aunt Mary (repping her new employer!) and me.  Three of the four suitemates from my sophomore year.


  1. Replies
    1. It was! There could have been more too, I still had two more sets of aunts and uncles that couldn't make it out.

  2. I see you rollin' deep :) isn't it nice to have an entourage?

  3. You fancy Hollywood types with your entourages. Pffft famous people.

  4. So cute!! Love the fan club and all the pictures! Looks like you were both doted over a ton :)

  5. How cool to have so many people willing to come out and cheer you on and groom and just hang out!

  6. That's so cool that Connor had such a big fan club. I love the pictures of Dawn's niece with Connor, that would have been the coolest weekend of my life at her age. =-)

  7. Every good horse and rider is supported behind the scenes by an amazing cheering section :D