July 24, 2014

CrossFit Games So Far

Sorry to temporarily write about things that have nothing to do with horses, but I know some of you are CrossFitters too - Stacy, Jessica, Austen, anyone else?  Nicole gave me her coach's wristband, so I'm getting a completely undeserved backstage look into the CrossFit Games, and loving every second of it.  To be fair, I do a lot to help her out both at Regionals and now here - sort of like a Rolex groom?  Minus the grooming?

Dave Castro briefs the ladies on event 1.

Lining up for The Beach

Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet!  My hero!  And my husband's total crush.

Nicole on media day

This lady is an ESPN makeup artist, and she said she was excited to work on girls for a change.

Dog-friendly home-away-from-home CrossFit gym.

Totally insane.


  1. Cue mental image of you dumping a bucket of ice cold water over Nicole's head after an event and using a stick to scrape it off while someone else takes her temperature and checks her pulse ...

  2. That's a pretty sweet deal! I having been watching the events live. I'm really pulling for CLB this year. She's really on her game right now and that performance last night was AMAZING! Pullups right into a Bar MU with a big smile. What a beast! For the guys, I'm REALLY hoping to see Bridges on the podium if not 1st overall. I am a huge Bridges fan!

    1. You got your wish on Camille! I am so happy for her. She's so cute, it's hard to take her seriously, but what a performance!