August 5, 2014

Beautiful Morning

Shortly after my post yesterday, I hit 101 followers!  Look for a contest later this week.

The weather for Sunday's stalls was beautiful, capped off by some gorgeous fog and stunning sunbeams as the sun rose over the trees.  Low 80's and no humidity - another weirdly cool summer.  It's enough to make me forget that manure ever freezes to the ground and my hands ever go white, but already there are signs that fall is close on summer's heels - namely, Connor and our Huskies shedding their summer coats.  The old guys around town are already saying it's going to be another harsh winter, let's hope they're wrong!

#nofilter, really.

The "temporarily on night turnout" gang.  We're over-capacity on horses by one until one or two of them leave for college later this month.  You won't hear me complain, night turnout means I never have to catch Connor to ride him! (And less bugs to deal with for him, since he spends his days in front of a fan in his stall.)


  1. Our horses are almost always on night turn out during the summer. Is that not the norm in your area too?

    Lovely pics!

    1. Two years ago they were on night turnout, and they talked about doing it this summer, but they never really got a chance between all the thunderstorms. One of the pastures only has trees for shelter, so they bring them in if there is a chance of storms.

  2. I wish we could have night turnout here :(

  3. Bobby's shedding his summer coat like crazy, too. :(

  4. I love night turnout. Pretty pictures!

  5. Those pictures are so pretty they look like you found them on Google images under search: Dreamy Farm!

  6. You get the best pictures!