August 16, 2014

EAH Blog Hop: Equestrian Fashion

The first topic in question is actually a spin off of L's final hop. I want to know about what you ride in and why? Show us your Equestrian Fashion choices and tell us why you wear them!

Let's start with college, shall we?  Just so that I can show how reformed I am when it comes to equestrian fashion.  I graduated in 2010, so these are several years old. shirt, Devon Aire tights, Devon Aire boots (which based on this picture, never fit, but were my show boots until this year).  Also this is Shae, the original Welsh Cob in my life.

A definitely not ASTM/SEI certified helmet that used to belong to the college president, a different shirt, the same Devon Aire tights, Dublin suede half chaps, my first pair of Ariat Performer IV's

City pool employee shirt, different pair of Devon Aire breeches, same half chaps, and my show helmet from my freshman year that my mom said made me look like The Great Gazoo.

Sometimes I even rode in jeans in college.  I don't ride in jeans anymore, can't stand the seam. The half chaps are the same Dublin suede, but the boots are these amazing cloth-covered-in-peeling-brown-vinyl things I wore for the first couple months of Freshman year.  Totally stylin'.

To be fair, it was a women's college seven miles from the nearest boy town, and we were a bunch of equine majors living in the barn (not literally).  We all looked like hobos most of the time:

Mary, tee hee.

Now today.  If I'm not riding in a clinic, I am most likely to school in this in the summer:

Cotton AE tanktop, child's large sized Irideon tights, my beloved Ariat half-chaps (my best clearance score to this day, originally $175, I got them for $49), cheap gloves that I can't stand and want to replace, and my 2nd pair of Ariat Performer IV's.  Why do I wear this?  Because it's (usually) hot and humid here, and I hate sleeves.  And shirts in general, really.

With the laces in the front, zipper in the back.  Wouldn't ride in anything else.
But lately, you fancy people have got me wearing polo shirts sometimes, in the summer.  

You won't catch me changing out my Irideon tights, though.  Connor's Aunt Mary gave me four pairs that she had worn all the way through college, then I wore for an additional 3 years.  I only got rid of them because they were women's mediums, and I was tired of rolling the waistband so many times - plus I found three used pairs on Equestrian Tack Trader for $11, $15 and $20 respectively.  The old ones still looked nearly brand new after seven years of hard use by two people.

Since I am currently pretending that winter doesn't exist, we aren't even going to go there.  Join me in the land of denial!


  1. Were the same age :-) Love all these posts.

  2. Hobos? Love it. Thanks for joining in the hop. And I love the land of denial..

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