Bad Pictures

It was cold but beautiful for my Sunday ride, and they had just repainted the doors of the little barn yesterday, and the sun was perfect, so I tried to take some pictures and they all turned out bad.  C'est la vie!

Google automatically made this one pretty for some reason.

Blindingly white doors.

Tried for a conformation shot.

How not to take a conformation my Western pleasure horse.

We had a good Dressage ride, though, and then when I got home (just in time for Colts kickoff, I can't be the only person who schedules rides around the NFL and MLB, anyone else?) my husband had cleaned the whole house and had a burger ready for me when I got home.  He may not come to the barn with me, but stuff like that means he's supporting my riding anyway.


  1. yea - you are def not alone about scheduling around the games haha (tho my team plays at 1pm every.single.sunday.ughhh and i've been missing the games...). and a burger when you get home?? awesome!

  2. Lol I like the western pleasure conf shot :)

  3. No such thing as a bad pic of Connor. His left ear is particularly cute, after all! ;)

  4. Husband of the year! I think conformation shots are like 'selfies' - behind every conformation shot there are 47 almost identical ones that didn't quite make it... Ha!

  5. That is a lovely western pleasure pony shot. And I totally make sure I get done with riding before any football starts on Sunday.

  6. Scheduling rides gets a bit tricky this time of year with NFL and college football. Your hubby sounds like a rockstar!


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