October 8, 2014

Bitsy and Indoor Ride

Dog on a horse blog.

We had to take photos for our sled dog rescue's annual calendar fundraiser.  The calendar contains hundreds of pictures of 'alumni' in their new homes, and we sent the top and bottom one.

One ride on Connor yesterday - in the indoor for the first time since early spring.  He was hyped, partially due to the new environment and partially because our Redneck Neighbors were shooting a very big gun the whole time.  But hyped leads to good Dressage work because hyped = impulsion, so we duplicated the exercises from Thursday's lesson with a lot of success.

Rain tomorrow, so probably a lesson in the indoor - plus it's dark at like 7:15 so that doesn't work out so well for my 7:00 lesson.  Blah, winter!


  1. She looks like such a vicious mutant dog, lol! Does she snore?

    1. Nope! Mutant Dog #1 Tucker snores like a champ though.

  2. i'm just learning that hyped = impulsion lesson - definitely interesting! cute puppy!!