Castleberry's Cadence

Connor's six-year-old full brother, Castleberry's Cadence, is a stallion standing at Kendalwood Farm in PA, where Connor spent a while as a 4 year old.  Connor's breeder is expecting Cadence's first foal crop in 2015, and I CANNOT wait to see them!

Conformationally, he takes much more after their sire than Connor does, Connor favors their dam, but Cadence got their dam's liver chestnut coat.

He has a better shoulder and neck than Connor, and a better length of back, but you can still definitely tell they are related!

What a Cob!


  1. Please package him up and send him to me?

  2. When I saw him I thought "Damn! He looks JUST like his sire!!" Seriously. Twins.

  3. GORG! plz do post pics of foaalllsss

  4. I wanna see a whole crop of baby cobs next year! Connors nieces and nephews ha!

  5. I think he's gorgeous! Can't wait to see the babies he has! :D


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