November 10, 2014

SFTS Blog Hop: That 1 Thing

Jumping in on a blog hop from Stories from the Saddle!:

First, I wanna know: what is the ONE piece of tack (or clothing) that you simply cannot live without? Put function aside for a moment and try to decide which piece of your tack ho collection is your favorite. It can be anything for you, or for your horse. Second, I'd like to know what you're currently saving up for or lusting after. Basically, what item do you have your eyes set on right now? If someone handed you enough money, what would be the first thing to buy on your list? 

My Ariat Contour half chaps, ($199, I got them on clearance for $49 two and a half years ago when they were being discontinued) are the one piece of tack I cannot live without:

I bought them just a hair too small, and although they cut my circulation off to my feet (no exaggeration) for the first six months I owned them, hundreds of hours of sweating in them have molded them to my leg in what is pretty close to a custom fit:

In fact, they are so custom that I can't fit anything other than breeches and the thinnest of socks underneath them.  I accidentally brought winter clothes and these half chaps to my lesson last week and had to ride with the half chaps unzipped.  I have to switch to winter tall boots from November-March for that reason (not really a bad thing when it's, you know, 10 degrees outside).

2.5 years in.

They fit so close to the saddle, they're like an extension of my body that I don't even realize is there.  It's night-and-day different from the suede Devon Aires I rode in for five years, and I think they could make even a tall boot lover happy.  The leather is thick and durable but soft as butter, and they'll probably last me a decade.

Now, what would I buy if I had the money?

A jump saddle with a more forward flap, and a Dressage saddle.  And of course, they have to both be CWD since my best friend works for them now.  Represent, ya'll.

The carbon fiber tree is some neat, neat technology.  Also, did you know CWD outspends all the other saddle companies in R&D by a factor of like 10?  As a technology/progress nut, this makes me love them even more.

Yes, CWD makes Dressage saddles (so many people don't know that?), and they are beautiful, and oh-so-light.  I couldn't believe how light they were when I picked them up out of Mary's car last month.  I know, monoflap and all, but still, shockingly light:



  1. Pretty saddles! And those half chaps look super comfy :)

  2. I need a 2g in my life. I don't know how it's going to happen and it certainly won't be any time soon, but it will happen some day.

    1. Want to buy one together and timeshare it? I shotgun riding bareback in winter. ;-)

  3. Was checking out those saddles the other weekend - definitely on my wish list - even G stopped and was like "WOW those are nice" and he knows nothing about saddles :)

  4. those saddles are droooool worthy...

  5. Yum. I can't get on board with the look of the 2G and I feel like I've heard they don't last as well but I want a dressage saddle again and at some point I will be adding a CWD dressage to the hoard. In like years though.

    Lucky you to have a "man" on the inside.

  6. My trainer loves her CWD dressage saddle.