Tack/Riding Apparel for Sale! aka CWD Fundraiser

My saddle is officially for sale, along with the other miscellaneous tack and apparel below.  It's listed for $799+ $50 shipping on eBay, but if one of you would like to buy it, I'd end the auction and give you free shipping!  Let me know if you think you might be interested.

Description: Gorgeous Toulouse Annice, 16.5" wide tree.  It has removable/repositionable velcro knee and thigh blocks. One owner, purchased new for $1000 in late 2013. Saddle has been wiped down after every ride and cleaned and conditioned regularly (Higher Standards Leather Care soap and Passier Lederbalsam only). 

There are no scratches or blemishes and hardly even any normal wear marks - this saddle looks new, but is beautifully broken in. Billets are in great condition. Comes with matching calfskin leathers, Toulouse dust cover with carrying strap and handle, and Fillis irons with metal pads (irons not shown).

Additional saddle photos:

Also for sale:
(Make offer on everything!)

1. Virtually indestructible 40" Crump leather girth.  Fit five-year-old Connor, but not eight-year-old Connor.  In great shape!

2. 5" single-jointed eggbutt snaffle bit

3. 5" single-jointed copper mouth D ring bit

4. 5 1/4" french link full cheek snaffle

5. 5 1/4" Metalab jointed Kimberwicke bit, new

6. Nunn Finer pony reins, 47" from bit to buckle  Sale Pending

7. Effingham field boots, size 6, new in box.

Husband's desk area is the Wild West of my house.  Sorry.
8. New-with-tags quilted Lettia baby pad with smiley face embroidery on both sides, black.  Has girth loops.

9. Irideon Wind Pro winter breeches, size ladies medium.  They have the smooth outside and fleece lined inside, so that hay and dusty doesn't stick to the outside.  Good used condition, I like them a lot, but they're just too big for me.  SOLD

Stock photo, same color (navy with a subtle check)

If you are interested in anything, leave a comment or send me an email at my spam address: jalean 11 at gmail dot com.  Thanks!


  1. I'm interested in the Irideons!! How much for them?

  2. Oh geez. WHY did you have to have an Embroidered Lettia pad for sale?!?! That is my kryptonite and I'm on a budget :-(

    1. Buy it! Make me an offer, I didn't pay that much for it so I'm sure I'll accept. Plus, good cause and all. :)

  3. What about dem sea salt caramels yum

    1. They're coming! We were waiting on legit wrappers, cause cutting your own out of wax paper is cool for one batch, but not cool for multiple batches.

    2. I second L! Those sea salt caramels have my name written all over them :)

  4. good luck with the fundraiser! definitely eagerly awaiting the candies lol

  5. Ooooohhh nunn finer pony reins!!!! Are they the soft grip rubber ones? I've been lusting after a pair of those ever since coming to the conclusion that I might actually need pony sized reins lol. Email me a price?

    1. Also, if your saddle were a medium tree instead of a wide I'd be sorely tempted...I'm kind of glad it's not just becuase I can't really justify a saddle lol. Reins though...that I can do...!

    2. They're not the soft grip ones, unfortunately! They're stiffer than the soft grip ones. I bought them on eBay, so I don't have any specific details other than what I've been told. I like them well enough and have used them for stadium and XC, but they are just too short for Connor. He needs horse reins! Bummer about the saddle, no medium trees here in wideland. :)

    3. I'll still take them off your hands - I need to get shorter reins before I start doing a lot more jumping (I've been afraid of getting my foot caught in my current ones, plus they are very slippery braided ones.) and I love that these have buckles

    4. Awesome! Can you shoot me an email at jalean 11 at gmail dot com? Thanks!


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