December 13, 2014

Free Time in the Indoor: Videos

Last weekend, we got a ton of rain, so the horses stayed in all day.  That only happens one or two days a year, we are a very turnout-centric barn.  So I got my little buddy out for a ride and some playtime in the indoor.

He was showing off his sassy side (it gets a little shaky when I run at him):

And then he took a turn just a little too hard and slipped, so I walk up to him at the end of the video to make sure he's okay (he was fine).  You can see his wild-eyed look he always gives me/anyone when we walk up to him.  If I walked too quickly, he would have been off again:

All that just in response to clucking, I wasn't carrying a whip or anything.  Now you know why riding with other people in the arena who are clucking is so interesting for us!


  1. Love the contrast between his clipped and fuzzy coat!

  2. So cute! I love watching them run around like crazies sometimes!

  3. Love his sassy little head tosses!

  4. ahhh run pony runnnn!!!! what a cutie :)