December 18, 2014

Long Nights

Caramel update: I shipped a test batch of caramels this week, and I'm sorry to report that shipping makes its too expensive to sell them.  It was $3 plus packaging to mail 12 caramels via USPS!  Sorry to get everyone's hopes up - any cheaper shipping ideas will be entertained!

Yes, hello, it's 7:30 on a Thursday which means that, as has been customary the past four years, it's lesson time.  And nothing separates me from the sacred hour that is lesson time.

Names that denote groups of computers that don't physically exist.  My job is so weird.

...except work positively owning me.  Factors you'd be totally bored to hear about have me working 10am-5pm, breaking for two hours, and then 7pm-11pm most days, and when a trip to the barn is a minimum of 3 hours with the drive, there truly isn't time in the day to get there.

But I did manage to dart up there between 5 and 7 on Tuesday to change his blanket and say hi:

Hello, blogland!

I feel a kilter, emotionally, when I can't ride.  Riding is a place where my brain can rest.  Not that it's not working when I'm riding, but in every other activity, I'm a very fast-twitch person.  I switch between tasks by the millisecond at work, I'm constantly thinking of numbers and efficiency in CrossFit.  Riding is the only place my brain slows down.  Connor speed.

Too cold for good pictures, I need smartphone gloves!
Soon little buddy.  Soon.


  1. I don't know how big the caramels are....but if I correctly assume packaging is around $1.50, plus $3 for shipping = around $4.50 for 12 caramels. USPS offers $5.95 boxes that allow you to ship however much you can fit in it - and pretty much anywhere in the US. Not much cheaper, really, but you might be able to fit a larger quantity in the box which would maybe even it out a bit?

  2. I need my pony time too...keeps us sane!

  3. I feel the same way when I don't get to ride :/ man, that sounds like a hellish schedule right now!

  4. My work schedule is pretty awful too, so I can sympathize with you on that.

  5. A friend of mine here actually makes amazing fudge then packages it a bit and sells it out of the local tack stores! Maybe you can try something like this!?

  6. Sorry about the work schedule. I've been there. The barn is my time for my brain to get away from it all too.

  7. bummer about work meaning no pony time. (and super bummer about the caramels... keep us posted if something else pops up!). glad you were able to get in at least a quick visit...