December 23, 2014

Show Results

In the comments of my RIP GDHT post, Abigail said she enjoyed hearing about our first event, and that she'd like to read more of our early show recaps.  I've decided to replace my show results page (in the top navigation bar) with this.  Being able to read the posts that I wrote during the shows means a whole lot more than just seeing what place we finished.  The numbers only say so much in the journey of a green horse.

June: Indiana Dressage Society Schooling Show -  Intro A: 70.625%, Intro B 62%

January: January Blast Schooling Show - Intro C: 66%, Training I: 63%

May: Greater Dayton Horse Trials (USEA rated event, Starter) - 4th, 54.0

July: Leg Up Horse Trials (unrecognized event, Starter) - 2nd, 46.0

Photo by Gingereventer Photography

April: Heartland Combined Test (unrecognized CT, Starter)  - 4th, 31.0

May: Penny Oaks Horse Trials (USEA rated, Starter)  - 2nd, 36.3

June: Fox River Valley Pony Club HT (USEA rated, Beginner Novice) - 9th, 45.3

September: Jump Start HT, (USEA rated, Beginner Novice)  - 1st, 28.0


  1. I love this idea! Stealing ... :)

  2. Yaaay!!! Must read ALL the recaps!!

  3. awesome! this is kinda how my events page is set up too - as i agree that it's important to link the story behind the show with the results. what a great year for you guys!