January 2, 2015

2015 Goals

I'm having a hard time with this post, because I like quantifiable goals.  I teach a running class at our gym, and I always tell my students to set a quantifiable goal (that isn't tied to weight loss).  So instead of "I want to run faster" say "I want to drop 30 seconds off of my 5k time" or "I want to run a 5k without walking this year."

But unlike last year, which had goals like "Move up to BN" (check!), our goals in 2015 are going to be almost impossible to quantify.  My position needs work before the fences get higher at home, and we're going to have our first full season at BN.  Novice isn't on our radar until he's well and truly bored at BN and not jumping XC fences like this anymore:

Repeat after me: Across, not up.  Across, not up.

So this year is all about polishing what we've got and making BN look good and feel easy for both of us:

Connor's Goals
- Not jump fences like there are sharks underneath them that he first has to investigate and then clear by a solid six feet
- Make show jumping look more like a hunter round and less out of control
- Get confirmed in First Level Dressage movements

Just because he has the scope to get over all the fences in a round like this, doesn't mean I don't also want it to look good.

Together Goals
- Go to a schooling Dressage show, if we can find a ride
- Go to a Hunter/Jumper show, ideally before the season starts
- Continue our eventing Dressage domination with no scores over 35
- Attend at least two non-rated and two rated events this season
- Jump 2'9 enough that it doesn't look massive to me anymore.
- Maybe, maybe, maybe do National Dressage Pony Cup.  That might get punted to 2016 in the interest of money and wanting to have a Dressage saddle before I seriously show Dressage, but Connor's breeder really wants me to do it, and I think it would be a lot of fun, so onto the list it goes!

Me Goals
- Fix my lower leg issues, whatever it takes
- Mobility, especially for tight hamstrings and tight left side of my back
- Remember to submit our points for WPCSA awards *facepalm*
- Finally become members of the USEA for real (didn't make financial sense until our first full season at BN, so this goal feels especially good)
- Improve the timing of my aids

Time to get to work!


  1. You teach a running class?? How cool!!

    I think your goals sound great- good luck! I look forward to reading about yours & Connor's adventures in 2015!

    1. I do! I ran from 3rd grade through college. It's my first love and I am a total biomechanics nerd for both people and horses. Teaching that class is a lot of fun. Thanks!

    2. As someone who feels like a pretty terrible runner, I am totally in awe of people who enjoy it and are good at it!

  2. Love your suggestion to make quantifiable goals, although I totally failed in that this year. A lot of our goals are similar. I know you and Connor will rock it though :)

  3. Excellent goals! You're going to have such a great year.
    I'm also struggling with quantifying anything this year, you're not alone! I have my 'big' goals in my head, but time wise I think they're a two year plan :)

    1. It's hard to know how fast you can move with them, isn't it? I feel like I'm going to be a lot better at goal setting with the second green horse I bring up than the first.

  4. Horse goals are surprisingly hard to be quantifiable with. Nursing school made me be the same way, I want to set specific, defined goals, but some things are just vague, like improving riding position of xyz body part.

  5. I had a little trouble making my 2015 goals quantifiable as well, but I think with riding it's just not possible to quantify everything. I think you did a good job still making them measurable though! Like, even though you can't quantify "not jumping fences like there are sharks underneath" you will definitely be able to tell when it's consistently improved! Looking forward to following along in your's and Connor's journey this year! So glad I found your blog!

  6. I also prefer quantifiable goals, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how sure you will be of whether or not you've accomplished these. I know I was!

  7. nice goals!! i totally get what you're saying about the next progressive step being a little vaguer, and harder to pinpoint. (and i feel like a lot of my goals this year will be similar refinements...).

    but since i really need to quantify goals, i measure it like: "walk away from more jumping rounds/lessons/whatever feeling like it was solid than not." or, "more jumps on course were jumped nicely out of stride than otherwise"

    in any case, good luck! and the pony cup sounds sooo cool!