January 31, 2015

One More Clydesdale Video

Connor's former owner posted this video to Facebook today, and although I had seen some behind the scenes stuff on the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials before, some of this stuff made my jaw drop!  The trainer commanding the 11 horses at liberty for the football commercial was incredible!

If this guy can get these horses to fetch better than my dog and jump through sheets, surely I can get Connor through second level Dressage, right?  Kidding.  Enjoy, this video is awesome!


  1. So amazing! I always thought a lot of their stunts must be computer generated, had no clue so much of it is real! Those horses (and trainer) are unbelievable!

  2. those horses (and their trainers!) never cease to amaze me - i could watch their behind-the-scenes videos alll day long haha