Photos: Connor's Full Sister Showing PSG

Connor has many full siblings, and of all of them, I believe Castleberry's Delight is the most decorated in the show ring.

2009, I believe, at...first level?
She's won multiple year end awards at USDF recognized Training, First, and Third levels, and is now showing Prix St. George!  She showed at Dressage Under the Oaks in Orlando last weekend, and scored a 67% on the first day and 63% on the second day!  Not bad!

Here is a link to Michel Bradtke Photography's proofs gallery from her rides so that you can see what she looks like...and maybe pretend that it's Connor.  It is a little unnerving how similar their blazes are!  It looks like a hand holding up a "number one" sign with the index finger.



  1. She's very pretty, but I like Connor's blonder mane and tail better.

  2. one day!! you and Connor are certainly chipping away at it :)

  3. She's really nice, just like Connor.

  4. So inspiring for all us cob owners!
    You'll get there too, you guys have such an excellent partnership :)

  5. She is exquisite! I am loving watching your progress with Conner and the specific details you look at, with that much precision you guys are on your way to great things too!

  6. Beautiful! And I love the smile on her face:)

  7. Wow she is lovely!


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