February 14, 2015

Not a Ride

His Rorschach Blot.  What do you think it looks like?

I was so excited to keep working on what we worked on in Thursdays lesson on Saturday.  Then this:

Normally, you can see those trees...

I know that doesn't look like much in the picture, but it's 30mph winds gusting up to 45, and snow, with a plummeting temperature.  It sounded like the barn and indoor were going to shake to pieces around us.  Even in his stall, Connor was like:

"What the F was that?!!?!?!?!"

So I weighed my options, which were 1) Dressage ride in which no relaxation is achieved because he jumps every time the door creaks or sticks blow onto the roof, 2) No ride.  #1 sounded not at all productive and also possibly dangerous, so I chose #2. I groomed him, reapplied that whitening stuff to his tail, and did his stall.  Barn workers have it rough when the horses stay in (very rarely).

Clean, entertained, and looking pretty dang good right now, if  I do say so myself.  A million pounds of blankets got put on him shortly after this picture was taken, poor guy.

We'll try again tomorrow.  It's supposed to be a high of 14, but not windy.

Totally useless outdoor...sigh.


  1. brr.... :( bummer you nixed the ride, but sounds like the best option, sadly... hopefully it warms up soon!

  2. That's always tough - you live pretty far away from the barn, too!

    1. I do, and it's a bummer to drive all that way and not ride, but I try to see it as changing up the routine for him.

  3. Maybe because I'm commenting from a confirmed pirate hideout area (Blackbeard) ... I'd say Connor's blot looks like a skull and crossbones. ;D

  4. I'm totally happy I live in Idaho right now, the east coast is getting pummeled! Fingers crossed you don't get too much snow and ice so more riding in the new saddle can happen!

  5. That sounds absolutely miserable. Better luck next time.