April 8, 2015

Penny Oaks 2015

First off, my mom read every single one of your comments yesterday and loved them!  Thanks, everyone for all the comments!

Second, a funny thing  happened while I read through that book.

I got to the second page, and I was like, "Man, I miss braiding."
Who loves braiding?  I love braiding.

I got to the sixth page, and I was like "Man, I miss feeling like I nailed a Dressage test and waiting to see if the judge agreed with me or not."

I got to the tenth page, and I was like "Man, I miss skittering around a show jumping course."

(Because that's what we do.  We skitter.)

Skitter, levitate, potato, potahto.

I got to the twelfth page, and I was like "OH MAN do I ever miss cross-country!" and a few seconds later, "I can't freakin' wait to jump XC in my CWD!"

XC in a saddle that fits us both.  Can't wait.

And then I looked at the schedule, and realized that if I skipped Penny Oaks, as was my plan, (since putting him in partial training blows that show budget away), my season would start mid-June!  I couldn't make it that long after flipping through that book and reliving my last show, remembering what it all feels like.

So with a Woodchuck in one hand and my mom's book laying next to me, I signed up for Penny Oaks.  And then immediately volunteered to do a couple of Sundays of stalls at the barn to defray costs, since I'll not only have the show, but also a mandatory off-property XC school right before it. (Trainer's rule, nobody goes to a show without XC schooling about a week or so out from it.  Safety first over solid obstacles.)

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!  Thanks for the reminder of what I love about horses, Mom!


  1. That's a great rule your trainer instituted! I loved your book, so inspiring:)

  2. Yay yay yay! So exciting!


    FYI, I am probably not the person to get financial advice from.

  4. Your mom, the enabler. Or maybe it was the Woodchuck? Hmmm... At least your mom didn't send you a case of Woodchucks along with the book... ;)

  5. Squeeeeeeee!! I love your life choices :)

  6. Woodchuck for the win! (My fav!) Go show off all your hard work this winter AND that new saddle!

  7. wooooo hoo so exciting!! i had all the same feelings looking through the pics of that book too (except the braiding bit lol)

  8. Rhyme will be there with my trainer also! She's riding him in BN