April 15, 2015

The Approach

April turned out to be a good month for training rides for a variety of reasons.  Buying a 125-year-old home is a lot more time consuming compared to buying our current 52-year-old home.  We're still squarely in the middle of the process and whether we actually get it or not will probably be decided by what happens this week.

This post is partially filler, and partially an interesting study on how Connor positions his body relative to me as he comes to me from across the field.  He always starts out straight on, then takes a turn to his right, and approaches me like that.


  1. Hmm...interesting indeed...perhaps he is left eye dominant?

  2. good luck with the house!! re: Connor's approach, i get the strong impression from most horses that they're more comfortable keeping us on their left side, since that's really the side we do the most from and that they're most accustomed to anyway. interesting all the same tho!

  3. He is inviting us all for Connor snuggles