May 12, 2015

Connor and Rhyme

Connor wasn't the only Castleberry horse showing at Penny Oaks.  His half-brother on the sire side, Castleberrys Rhyme, was there as well.  Rhyme is out of a Dutch Warmblood mare, and is two years younger than Connor.

We both rode Dressage at around the same time, so we took some photos of the boys afterward.  Pictured is Rhyme's owner, Andrea, in blue, and Rhyme's trainer aboard.

Rhyme stood like a good boy, but Curious George made a good flip book out of this series of photos.

He starts by staring off into the distance...

Something breaks his concentration, and the Suspicious Spooky Ear makes an appearance...

Whatever it is warrants a full look.

And finally, we're back on task.


  1. aw cute! very neat that you run into Connor's extended family at shows haha. Rhyme looks quite a bit taller too, tho i guess that the WB dam

  2. They have a similar face! Love that big, striking blaze.

  3. Wow - even though rhyme isn't full con I think they still look a lot alike!

  4. Awww super cute family photo! All of Stella's relatives are out West

  5. Love the family shot. I'd love to get Kat and her half brother at a show!

  6. It's so cool that you get to meet so much of Connor's family!

  7. So much love for suspicious spooky ear.

    1. Meeeee tooo. One ear, totally on the up-and-up. The other ear is like WTF IS THAT.

  8. the corgi and connor must have been looking at the same thing. Great job!