May 8, 2015

Lesson Wrap Up: Balance

I didn't even have to ask to know that last night's lesson would be in jump tack.  And probably include a gymnastic.  Right, and right.  Pony was uninspired and behind my leg, probably due to it being an unusual 88 degrees in May.

My uncle had a filter on his pictures from last weekend on accident.  Still cute.  Connor getting treats after XC and a bath.
The early theme of my lesson was "Don't even trot until the walk is good."  Hmmm, okay.  So we started out with getting him on my aids and then did the line, which was crossrail-two stride-vertical-one stride-oxer.  It was a little frustrating for him to be so dull, but we made it work.

He's getting his final trainer ride on Saturday, with me in attendance, in the grassy field, as a jump lesson.  We're also talking about adding tiny spurs for me over fences now that my leg is slightly more stable.

My tall mother-in-law making Connor look like a midget.

We talked a lot about the fine line between having enough impulsion and not letting him go flat.  It's a hard balance to strike, but one that we both need to find.  I'm looking forward to putting the time into jumping that we have put into Dressage, and seeing what we can make happen there.


  1. Once you figure out your 'jump canter' everything will be sooo much easier! Excited to see you two work through this next part!

  2. Pig was uninspired, too. For the third day in a row. Today I forced him to come through before we continued with anything else. It makes such a difference.

  3. You guys do look amazing! I'm hoping that if you end up at Otter Creek I can maybe meet you and your pony because that would be awesome :)

  4. I agree with Alli. Once you get the jump canter figured out, you will be set. That is such a fun feeling! You guys are fun to follow and watch progress.

  5. one of my trainers is very adamant about not transitioning from one gait until the gait you're in is *nice.* he says you can't get a good transition or good next gait without having already established that niceness. anyway, i'll be excited to see what all you work on to achieve that awesome 'jump' canter!

  6. I bet you'll be AMAZED at how quickly you improve over fences with all of the dressage work you did over the winter :D