July 8, 2015

HGBH: Everyday Tack

Time for an informal blog hop!  Stephanie of Hand Gallop asks, "What's your every day tack setup?"

I have spent the last few years slowly working toward my ideal setups on both the Dressage and jump side, (with some awkward moments in between, anyone remember the black reins on the brown bridle phase?) and I'm almost there on both!

For jump:

I know it's a show picture, but all of my tack pulls double duty.

1. CWD SE02 16.5" short/forward flap.  I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing how really really ridiculously life changing having a properly fitting saddle is, but one more time: life changing.

2. Ovation RCS Jumper Bridle (used)

3. Nunn Finer soft grip rubber reins (new)

4. Total Saddle Fit Wither Relief Girth, 42" (new)

5. Supracor half pad (used)

6. Compositi wide track stirrups (new)

7. For jump schools: Woof Wear front boots (used).  For XC schools: add Majyk Equipe XC hind boots (new)

8. I still haven't found a schooling pad I am in love with, but I go back and forth between a Toklat Tango and the Lettia Coolmax AP pad right now.

9. ETA: almost forgot, Nunn Finer 3 point hunt breastplate (used)

For Dressage:

1. Wintec Isabel 16.5" (used)

2. Micklem Competition bridle, small horse (used)

3. Nunn Finer soft grip rubber reins (used)

4. Total Saddle Fit Wither Relief girth, 20" (new)

5. JenJ's old Classic Equine Dressage pad with velcro girth loops which they sadly do not make anymore and I will probably use until it's a pile of shredded fabric on his back.  I only ride in something else when this one is in the wash.

Seriously, this pad.  I love it and I wish I could find more of them.

6. Majyk Equipe Dressage boots all around, because they're the best. #fangirlstatus #stillwaitingonsmallXCfrontsguys


  1. I definitely want to pick up some of those dressage boots when I get some extra cash. Maybe for Christmas :)

    1. I'll enable that! I've had them since last Christmas and they've held up well. Aside from not reeeeally fitting his front legs diameter-wise, which is not a problem you'll have, they've been great. Plus RW carries them and I know you like them!

  2. Replies
    1. Could not agree more! Sadly I am losing my insider connection, Mary is leaving the company!

  3. My Majyk Equipe hind XC boots are falling apart and the company are not being super helpful in dealing with that, especially given that I've used them maybe a dozen or so times. I'm less starry-eyed about the product than I used to be.

    Connor looks great in both set-ups! My mom's CWD is AMAZING, they make a great saddle (there's my revolutionary statement of the year).

    1. Sorry to hear that about the boots! Mine have been used about the same and look new. Do you wash them?

      Thanks! Yeah, agreed on CWD.

    2. Nope, just hose them off after riding. I try to avoid putting velcro in the washing machine.

  4. I have that Classic Equine saddle pad! I bought mine for $5 in a used section of a tack store forever ago and I adore it. Love, love, love. Mine is coming apart at the seams too, though. :(

    1. Aren't the velcro girth loops the greatest invention ever? I love being able to girth up with them open and then velcro them over it, and it's also handy for when I forgot to take the girth off the other side of the saddle when untacking. Which obviously doesn't happen ever or anything...

  5. i totally echo the sentiment that a properly fitting saddle is life changing! mine isn't exactly a CWD, but i luvs it anyway :)

  6. Connor looks SO CUTE in whatever he's wearing!